Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Queer in the bible belt

Mindless chatter flows.....
outta of my homosexual mind

do you hear it?
do you hear the thoughts I be thinkin'?

do you see the images,
that I be poulluting the air with?

On a single day-
my obscenity will cover the smog of LA

but the people still be gaggin'
this not be on Johnny's balls neither
they be gaggin' at my thoughts
my own freedom of expression
my own version of true love
they be gaggin'
at me and my girl
holdin' hands

I could have been born with red hair
and freckles
I could have been born destined
to a 34DD
I could have been born to be
a movie star
I could have been born
wishing for a MBA
I could have been born with
some abnormality-
the only thing worse
for me
would have been to be born-

My Number- Is like this

Liking girls isn't always as convenient
as liking boys
but sometimes it calms the heart
and seems less fragile
cause you both are so soft
you won't have to be wondering
if one of you will break
and the glue
that sticks to your insides
has already poured out

Yeah- I wish for simple things
like the love between two girls
me being one
her one too

but something came in between
the simple thing,
A boy
has screwed our equation
and now it is not equal to love
a boy has fucked
my number- on this occasion

Not A Pretty Girl

I once attempted to write a love poem
and I did write it
but why call it a love poem
I never even gave it to that girl

the girl whose phone number I got,
hung out with once,
smoked some weed with
and then I had decided,
she had made-
a bad impression

forget the fact that she likes Ani
forget the fact that night-
sitting on her couch,
she put in Not A Pretty Girl

hours earlier-
I had thought of buying a bottle of wine
so the two of us would believe-
we were intoxicated on each other

she wasn't even that pretty-
a blond
and I always state the fact loud;
that blonds aren't my type;
I am known to lie

I saw this girl once more
my hair was shorter
maybe she didn' think I was as cute-
as she once had
I did get her new number
I din't use that one either

Bethany Young