Monday, March 7, 2011

the moon hung
like a curve of a tear
in the soundless mirror
of the sky
no clouds to hide its way

this is something unsay able
this moment
this saved-up coin of happiness
i take it while I can
a blank page
our footprints write on

for Raquel

the bent figure
of a fairy girl
came to me in the box you sent
with its distant eyes
and delicate lily lines

one of the wings fell off
just laying there in the box
like the curved shell
of a tear

she is lost
and found at the same time
a secret smile
as she looks down
bent knee
she leans on open hands


sucking on cherry pits until there's no taste left
I want to tell you what you mean to me
I've been meaning too
I've been too busy
and now it's too late

my life is a coloring book
you've missed so many birds
I'm too young to grow up
cover me with thoughts of you
hold me close
and I'll hold you true
occasionally the fruit is bitter
an angel's fallen from the sky
cherry pits fall like echo's of glass
in the bowel

Country weekend

at the lake
we sit with our beer cans
talking and laughing
and I miss you
the mirrored lake
is full of secrets and motion

back at the house
unfinished among the trees and purple wildflowers
the sun is setting
thick strokes of color
blending into each other
I remember thinking
it was like looking into a crystal

now the stars are out
shinning white
swirling in the blackest country sky
the crickets are out
off-key violins
but I can't go to sleep
until the phone rings

Egyptian Dream a woman of blue feathers and musk stares with liquid, black eyes wet onyx trembles in the night she flies over the pale golden sands the moon her pale song a wail in the night she walks on the sand beside the sphinx and looks at him with dark eyes nothing will ever change together, they turn to face the sun awaiting dawn
Take me river, carry me far, lead me river, like a mother, take me over to some other unknown, put me me in the undertow

The Lullaby

I lay awake at night
listening to the lullaby of the crickets
soft underwater whispers
mixing into the night

this is the only time
I get to not think
worries blend into the shadows
I wrap myself in the trembling blankets
of forgetfulness
the space between dreams
everything seems right
in those soft dark moments
alone with crickets
the night is deafening
when the silence is listening


mine is an army of angels
night brings out troubles to the light
hanging on the smoky edge of dreams

hazy silvers hide the light
hidden clouds and trees like dark tears
starts with a glimmer
ending with a glow
It's so hard to forget pain
but it's even harder to remember sweetness

The Postcard
for Michael Calvello

take me to the fields
of golden green
where the flowers bloom heavy
against the scented sky
and trembling water

the path of bent grass
leads to a group of quiet trees
seeming alone
even when they are together
burnt green tears
in the distance
it won't ever change
if you want it to stay the same

wild rose
jagged, delicate petals
billowing out or darkening green

this is a memory from my early childhood
when i think things made a little more sense
when life gets to be too much
I remember I used to dream

fantasies of endless summertime
golden leafs
with crystal-blue jewels
floating gently downstream
a time when pain was too small too mention
and cold wasn't understood

Winter Roses

the winter roses
floated outside our window
honey colored feathers
lazily turning curving upward
to what is left of the sun

we looked at them
as we had our coffee
in our blue china cups
wrapped in blankets
waking up slowly
wiping away the tears of sleep
slow secret smiles

the winter roses
lightly hang there like bells
curving bells as if held up by nothing
comfort and loneliness
honey and green watercolor
like a sigh
like a whisper
breathing a little more warmth into the coldness
sooner or later
I need a savior

Sarah Calvello

Friday, March 4, 2011

Good day my love,

Why do you say that I flirt?

I see you keep staring at all the young ladies.

Good day my love,

Why do you say I tune out to what you have to say?

I told you what you need it to know.

Good day my love,

Why do you say that I don't do women's obligations?

I see how you never take us out.

Good day my love,

Why do you say that I’m a cruel mother?

I see how you are to the kids.

Good day my love,

Why do you say I’m ignorant?

I see how your boss told you to do the same thing over and over again.

Good day my love

Why do you say I’m not respectful?

I see all the bruises on my body.

Good day my love,

Why do you say I’m not a pleasing lover?

I see how is all about you.

Good day my love,

You asked why couldn't you come home?

I say because that's the last thing that I well let you do...

teresa chavez