Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I've tried to talk to you so many times,
Thought of our entire conversation,
Played over every scenario
But no combination of words could ever
Express how much I miss you.
How much I miss us
The way we were together
And the way you made me feel.
We never dated, maybe not even close.
But from the minute I saw you
I couldn’t explain it
I don't think I've ever gotten over you.
I've pushed it to the side,
Deep into my brain
You have a filing cabinet all to yourself
With an electric fence and a sign warning
Never to open
I've never felt heartbreak
And I'm fairly certain that this is it.
I don't know if I loved you,
I believe I could have
Maybe timing was off
Maybe fate and destiny weren't on our side
I can go back and forth with everything
That could have gone right or wrong
But the truth of the matter is.
I ache with the awareness of not being yours
And that may be creepy and clingy
But it’s truer than true
And more honest than I've been in a while.