Saturday, July 29, 2017

It is six months into the new administration and with no signature legislation with the policy of throwing grenade at Obama’s legacy. They’re finding it not so easy. While Obama’s adopted home state just saved themselves from going down the rabbit hole of insolvency. Schools wondering whether or not they’ll open in the fall. Nationally there is no idea of independent thought in this administration just more people chasing their tails.

While the Donald and his family draw the ire of the world Mike Pence is the steward of his policy Whichever party is in the White House the discourse will eventually reverse the course of the earth. I kid. I kid. With an eye on local nickel and diming it is sometimes hard to keep up with national politics. The body politic is focused on all things Russia the Donald has set his trolls about dodging angry town hall meetings over an inane idea of repeal and replace the grand law of the land.

The Republicans with no plan of action but uproot and regress. Democrats their version of the party of no. Hilary Clinton as President would’ve had strong hand to foreign powers. There’d be no less hubbub over her old bones or whatever she’s hiding in her and Bills closet. Her foundation and her emails as Secretary of State. Yet Trump has not released his tax returns as all Presidents of the United States have done and suggest everything is fake news.

Democrats would try to fix Obama Care but left the foolish tax penalty in place. A woman President would be wonderful for this country but now she gets to do what she didn’t do during the election: do something for the future of the party. Starting with fixing the problems of the state she was born.