Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Considering myself a fair man in all things politics. I believe we should reign in government spending, upgrade military assets to keep us from being sitting ducks to every four hundred pound hacker. Keep our nose out of sovereign country’s business and or conflicts. By focusing on funding nuance sciences, mathematics and art, the United States becomes a very progressive country.
The cost of doing business is too costly as well the cost of doing anything else in this country. Lack of standard health care and education fuel division among the people. The United States exports prejudice unabashed and un-apologetic. At times they get things right. There is nothing wrong with a Conservative agenda as one that conserves the state for all who live within its confines. It is her duty and she’s given us the tools to do these things.
However, we have done nothing to ensure that all peoples survive. Fair wages and protection is what we need from our government not concern for party as they are equally destructive. Politics is local until it bubbles into a movement. Stadium full of battle flag waving. Suffer false prophet for the sake furthering separate and unequal.
There is nothing wrong with a Conservative agenda. You’re rewarded for your hard works, service to the people. Socially and fiscally responsible. Pro Choice. Upgrading our infrastructure. Being righteous to those who serve the country without blindly sending them to war because we’ve chosen to eschew diplomacy. War is personal. The survival of our friends from their neighbor obtaining a nuclear weapon. Making sure the people have food to eat without dumping the burden on charities. Take other countries to task that their people are starving. It is not for the US to feed the world but to act by example. Remove the hyphen from any Diaspora before American. Empower the people to succeed will weed out the lazy and criminal. With that comes a world view and see the world as one.
The destruction of our lands and resources in the name of capitalism is ignorant though in the name of independence is worth research. This is no liberal ideal. This is American. Her people are exceptional. Conservatism isn’t throwing people to the wolves as progressives seek to tax and tax and sit on their hands. Modern day abolitionists but of course their liberalism ends at their borders.
There’s nothing wrong with a Conservative administration. The autonomy of the Judiciary. The rule of law drives this country as the federal government is very efficient for a moderate country. Religion has its place until it’s spoken out. It is the speeches that ruin the banquet. I can certainly Monday morning quarter back things from a nondescript apartment in Chicago. More afraid of ICE agents than nuclear war heads on the head of ICBM’s. However there should be great level of diplomacy.

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